Cahootify is an online media company that provides a platform for individuals to upload their projects, creating a work portfolio that allows people to know who you are and what skills you have, advertising a selection of your work. It also allows you to share projects that you want to start, allowing you to select roles you want filled to help you with your creation. Finally, it lets you seek opportunities, so that as well as people helping you with your project you can help them with theirs, enabling you to get your name out there and build up a virtual network of contacts within the industry who are familiar with your work.

Cahootify is there for people who have an interest in the film, media and entertainment industries and are committed to making their ideas come to life.  When asked recently why Cahootify operates a free to use online recruitment scheme, Pete Francomb, the company’s CEO stated that ‘There is a fine balance between a project for money and a project for love’

If we take a young aspiring film maker who needs actors, actresses, makeup professionals, artists and those who are good with sound and camera equipment to help her make her first film then Cahootify is the best place for her.

When talking to the Pete Francomb about Cahootify and how a film maker could use it to their advantage he listed that it can help cast, crew and producers generate an industry calling card that they can share with others interested in the film industry. The Cahootify Profile PageFilm maker can set up a profile adding the roles and characteristics they think they have, a small introduction about themselves and can upload any previous work that shows evidence of these roles and characteristics being used.


Cahootify also allows producers to recruit for projects. The film maker can upload any project they are interested in starting and advertise any roles they need filling. This in turn allows people, like those who are interested in the film industry express their interest in the roCahootify Project Pagele, potentially gaining experience and showing evidence or their roles and characteristics. Each benefit of using Cahootify depends on the others being delivered, Therefore making it difficult to get a community going and continuing to build it.


As well as using Cahootify a film maker could also use other social media platforms like Twitter. On Twitter you have a number of taxonomies that will allow you to advertise your project. For example, you can follow people and retweet, like and share posts. By retweeting, liking and following people and their posts you are grabbing their attention, which could encourage them to check your profile out and follow you, giving you the chance to advertise yourself. On Twitter your posts, known as ‘tweets’ are limited to 140 characters. By having such a short character limit you are required to make short, to the point posts if you want to have any chance to gain the attention of people. Within these posts you are also able to upload videos that are 30 seconds long and upload instantly without having to click a play button. As an advertising advantage you can ‘Pin’ these 30 second video posts so they appear at the top of your profile page, making it the first thing people see when they Twitter Page Cahootify click on your profile and thereby providing valuable advertising for your project. Folksonomies within Twitter include hashtags. Using Hashtags in tweets allows you to interact with and find people who have used the same hashtag even if they do not currently follow your tweets. For example, within our class we have a hashtag #MFC4322 which allows us to see each other as a class. A film maker could use the hashtag #Film or #FilmMaking to advertise their new, ongoing project allowing them to find and communicate with people who have an interest in helping.


Facebook is similar to Twitter where by it is a good social networking site that can be used by a film maker to advertise their work and due to the fact that it includes taxonomies and folksonomies that can help with the advertising process. Some taxonomies within Facebook include group pages. On Facebook you can create or join groups. This allows people with similar interests to come together and communicate. This is handy for a film maker who is trying to start a new project as she can look on these groups, find an active user and directly communicate with them, gaining their attention to hFacebook page Cahootifyer profile as well as her project. Folksonomies within Facebook include Tags. On your profile and on a group page you can create tags such as pages you have liked, your hometown, where you went to University and mutual friends, which can make your profile or page appear when searched through Facebook increasing your chance of being noticed and gaining attention to your project. This also makes easy for the film maker to look for potential team mates.


A professional form of Facebook is LinkedIn. It is similar to Cahootify in the sense that it allows work professionals and those who are committed, find, communicate and work together with people in similar professions and with similar interests. It allows people to build Linkedin Cahootifyup a useful network of contacts. For example, it tells you if one of your contacts, contacts, works for is interested in working for a company you have searched for.
To me Cahootify is both an online community and Social Media Platform. Within Cahootify you can find, communicate and work together with people who have similar interests to you as well as creating and sharing content.


In addition to the use of social media to share projects to maintain and gain attention, a film maker or anyone who is wanting to start a business or project needs to make sure they have a good online presence. This is important for marketing as it will reinforce what you offer to a potential target market. Communicating with your audience is not enough, you also need to have a web presence that portrays you as a person, why people should help with your project and why people should watch and share your production.


To create a good online presence, it is important that you are an active user of social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and in this case Cahootify, posting updates regularly so your followers and those interested in what you are doing and your projects can see what you are up to as well as giving you the opportunity to open your presence out to new people seeking opportunities. It is also important to use folksonomies like tags as this will optimise your ability to appear in potential consumers or team mate’s searches. Finally, it is important that your content is good. Good online content includes humour, originality, including your interests and something that is short and to the point and that your target audience can relate to. You want to produce a piece of content that will appeal to your target audience and will give them all the basic information they need about you or your project.


You may have Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word about your project but where Cahootify is different and comes in handy is in scouting for the best talent and match for the job. A bonus for a film maker using Cahootify is that to upload a completed film they first need to upload it to another social media site like Vimeo or YouTube allowing it to be seen not only by your contacts, followers and those people who were involved in the project but also those who search through Vimeo or YouTube to see it. Therefore, looking at this and the above I would highly recommend using Cahootify, alongside other social media websites to build an online presence and advertise your projects.

Best songs of 2015

2015 is coming to an end and 2016 is around the corner. Therefore i have decided to take a look back on the music industry and pick out the top 20 popular songs of 2015!

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 7 weekUptown-Funk1

What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 5 weeks

Cheerleader – OMI
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 4 weeks maxresdefault

Want To Want Me – Jason Derulo
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 4 weeksJason Derulo Want To Want Me music video

Black Magic – Little Mix 
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 3 weeks
Little Mix black magic

Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 3 weeks jess

Hello – Adele
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 3 weekshello-music-video-adele-youtube-2015-750x422

See You Again – Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 2 weeks wiz-see-you-again

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent  2 weeks


Not Letting go – Tinie Tempah & Jess Glynne
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 1 – Spent 1 week 

tinie tempah jess glynne not letting go

Hold Back The River – James Bay
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 2James-Bay_BRITs-Statue_1024x576_15172_thumb_940_528

Love Yourself – Justin Bieber
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 21280x720-gHs

Where Are You Now – Skrillex & Diplo & Justin Bieber
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 3Justin-Bieber-Selena-Gomeze-Laf-Attı-2

Can’t Feel My Face – Weekend
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 3CLA8qYuUwAAwziZ

Hotline Bling – Drake
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 342f5ce85

Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 4walk-the-moon-shut-up-and-dance-video-2015-billboard-650

On My Mind – Ellie Goulding
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 57752a09ef08eef5a1da6f3b8067b17

Ayo – Chris Brown & TYGA
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 6 Chris-Brown-and-Tyga-Ayo-Music_Video

Let It Go – James Bay
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 10 0433796B4D3931AB956E4467C2696A75201584105057133

Photograph – Ed Sheeran 
Peak position in the UK Charts – Number 15 ed-500x375c-e1431358110674


Santa’s Sack

I’m sure everyone can agree that one of the most stressful things about Christmas is trying to find presents for everyone on a tight budget. Therefore I suggest using a website called ‘Not On The High Street’
Not On The High Street provides you with a number of different cheap gifts that you can personalise, making it special for the receiver.

Here are 16 examples of presents you can get for, Kids, Teens, Men and Women.

4 gift ideas for Kids:

Personalised Children's Story Book £20Personalised Children’s Story Book £20
A personalised book like no other, perfect for education

Make Your Own Dinosaur £8.50Make Your Own Dinosaur £8.50
Educational, discover the history of dinosaurs with this fun, 3D puzzle

Girls, animal sketchbook £9.95Girls, animal sketchbook £9.95
A fun personalised sketchbook designed for girls. Bound to let their creative skills out.

Personalised Children's Apron £14Personalised Children’s Apron £14
This personalised gift not only educates them on how to bake but also allows them to have fun in the kitchen.

4 gift ideas for Teens:

Slogan Makeup Bag  £10Slogan Makeup Bag  £10
A fun gift idea for a makeup and selfie lover

Personalised Double Heart Bracelet £15Personalised Double Heart Bracelet £15
A lovely gift idea, make it personal by adding a personalisation to each heart.

Personalised Wooden Sign £21Personalised Wooden Sign £21
If your Teenage son, brother or friend stays locked in his room for hours on end then this personalised sign is the perfect gift for him.

Personalised Drinking Coasters £15Personalised Drinking Coasters £15
This is a perfect Personalised gift for putting your drinks on in style

4 gift ideas for Men:

Initial Cufflinks £16Initial Cufflinks £16
Rock up to your event or work with these stylish Cufflinks

Personalised Handmade Pint Mug £20Personalised Handmade Pint Mug £20
A quirky present, a mug in the style of a pint glass makes the perfect gift for the tea or coffee lover in your life.

Butcher's Kitchen Oven Mitt £14Butcher’s Kitchen Oven Mitt £14
A perfect present for anyone who loves to cook a stylish piece of kit to hang from the oven or use while cooking.

Personalised iPhone Case £19.95Personalised iPhone Case £19.95
Multi functional gift can be used as a classic, simple wallet and a phone case

4 gift ideas for Women:

Triple Letter Disc Necklace £18Triple Letter Disc Necklace £18
This simple personalised necklace is the perfect personal and memorable present to give to someone you care about.

Personalised Glasses Case £18Personalised Glasses Case £18
A unique and quirky personalised case to keep your glasses in.

Alphabet Scented Candle £7Alphabet Scented Candle £7
A quirky gift idea that can make a lovely personal message for someone or a single initial

Spotty China Letter Mug £13.95Spotty China Letter Mug £13.95
Pick a letter and make sure no one steals your mug, this will make a fabulous gift.

Get the Christmas Spirit with these songs!

Dancing Spongebob Christmas Gif

It’s December which means it is socially acceptable to play and sing along to cheesy Christmas songs, on full volume, on repeat.

So, to get you in the christmas spirt here are the top 10 Christmas songs of all time!

Number 1 – All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
All I Want For Christmas Is You didn’t even make it to Number One in the UK Charts., But it 100% is a classic great christmas song due to the fact that it is annoyingly catchy. It has everything from sleigh bells to soul to snow to reindeers to put you in the christmas spirit.Mariah Carey Christmas Album Cover
Number 2- Last Christmas – Wham!
Last Christmas has many winning elements making it a solid gold christmas song. It has been covered by a number of well known musicians such as Taylor Swift but nothing can beat the original. It features sleigh bells plus popular christmas sweaters.Wham! Christmas Album Cover
Number 3 – Fairytale Of New York – The Pogues & Kirsty McColl
Fairytale Of New York is one of those songs you will hear on repeat time and time again and is about time it made it to Christmas Number one.
The Pogues Christmas Album Cover

Number 4 – Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – John Lennon
Happy Xmas (War is Over) has become one of the most beloved Christmas songs due to the meaning behind it and the message that come from it. Spread Peace and Joy, which is what most people think Christmas is about.John Lennon Christmas Album Cover

Number 5- Do They Know It’s Christmas Time – Band Aid
Do they Know It’s Christmas Time is covered every year by a group of different celebrities. The original 1984 version was in reaction to the Ethiopian famine and was a publicity machine to raise money for Ethiopia. It stayed at Number one for a total of five weeks. Added on top it is a very good and non traditional pop song, perfect for Christmas.Band Aid Christmas Album Cover

Number 6 – Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade 
Merry Christmas Everybody is a classic sing-along song granted to get you in that slightly drunken Christmas spirit and love vibe. Getting you ready for the festive season.
Slade Christmas Album Cover

Number 7- Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Jackson 5
Like Last Christmas there are many musicians who have covered Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. but the most common one is by Jackson 5. This version of the song is seen as the grooviest and most fun, getting you in the mood fro Christmas. The song is mainly used by parents to get their children to behave and go to bed early, especially at Christmas so it only makes sense that Jackson 5, who were kids themselves when they recorded this preformed this song.
Jackson 5 Christmas Album Cover

Number 8 – Rocking Around The Christmas Tree – Mel & Kim
Rocking Around The Christmas Tree is an ‘easy-on-the ear’ christmas song that has a bit of comedy mixed in with it. The video for the song features christmas decorations, christmas outfits and is bound to get you in the Christmas spirit with the sleigh bells.   Mel and Kim Christmas Album Cover

Number 9 – Merry Christmas Everybody – Shakin’ Stevens
Merry Christmas Everybody or how some people recognise it, Snow is falling is a popular festive song. The video along with the lyrics in the song is bound to get you into the christmas spirit due to the fact that Stevens is being dragged around by an Elf.Shakin' Stevens Christmas Album Cover

Number 10 – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, and this people who love Christmas as much as i do, really do wish it could be Christmas Everyday! This Song was a long lasting Christmas song in the UK Top 5. The music video creates a wintry feel by having Christmas jumpers and snow.Wizzard Christmas Album Cover

So now there is no excuse to be a Scrooge, You can get in the Christmas Spirit with these 10 songs.

My Weekend Home

the-eye-664037_640Last weekend I travelled back down south to London Town. This was my first time back at home since the start of University and it’s safe to say it felt a tad weird.

Life down south is very different to life up North, and I felt this difference as soon as I got off the train at Kings Cross, with an obvious difference being the amount of people around. Rush Hour here in Leeds is like a normal day in London, but hitting Kings Cross during rush hour in London is not the most pleasant experience going. This brought be on to the second difference, Manners, and this is why it was strange to me when I first came up North and strange to me when I went back down South. In London, no one tends to say hi or smile at each other while passing in the street unless of course you know them, but, in Leeds it does tend to be normal, people will  smile at you when you walk by and people will say hi.

Differences aside, it was really nice to just get away from university life for a weekend and spend time with the family and be back in my own double bed again!
During my quick visit to London I done what  all girls do best and done a bit of shopping in the well-known Oxford Street, went for a nice meal with my family and of course,  went for a spontaneous night out in London Town. Which again felt a tad weird due to the expense!

All in all I had an amazing weekend home and I am looking forward to going back down South for the Christmas break.

Game of Thrones Poster Release!

Game of Thrones First Poster For Season Six - Jon Snow

Game of Thrones season six is due to air next  April. Yesterday HBO published the first promotional image on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram making fans go crazy!

The poster features a bloody image of the famous dead or alive Jon Snow. When fans last saw Jon Snow he had just been stabbed by a member of his brigade. This has caused a lot of speculation amongst fans of Game of Thrones and I expect this poster to add to that speculation about his true status, Death doesn’t mean much within a series that has seen a number of resurrections.

Either way, by HBO putting Jon Snow as the main feature of the first promotional poster we can see that he is going to be a main and important character in the upcoming series.

My opinion, Jon Snow is 100% alive but maybe not in a human characteristic way.

By releasing the poster this early HBO are intriguing and warning not only old fans of the show but new fans that they have 5 months to familiarise themselves or catch up with the last 5 seasons. Also by using Jon Snow they will get fans talking about the status of Jon Snow allowing Game of Thrones to be centre of TV talkshows again.


MISSING! Jon Snow – Dead or Alive?

Game of Thrones season five displayed a number of nail biting cliff hangers and devastating deaths; the main one being the ‘fatal’ stabbing of Jon Snow. Despite watching the knife enter his body with our own eyes, fans of Jon Snow are refusing to believe that he is really dead – and here’s why they’re right to be in denial.

  1. Kit Harrington has been seen on the set – The Hollywood Reporter reported who renewed their contracts, Kit Harrington was amongst them.
  2. Melisandre has to be up to something – From the beginning, Melisandre believed that Stannis was the promised, rightful King, (whilst others believe that Daenerys is promised the throne) however now he’s out of the question and she’s unlikely to disappear after showing an interest in the Night’s Watch; especially after it’s believed Jon is related to Targaryen family.
  3. He may become a White Walker – a big theme of season 5 was the progression of the white walkers. Everyone is aware of their growing strength and if Jon’s corpse is discovered it’s unlikely to be left dormant.
  4. He has ‘warged’ with Ghost, his direwolf – Bran, Jon’s brother, is known for his ability to warg – is it possible that Jon has warged with his loyal dire wolf before his murder and is now stuck thinking as the animal? Although, this theory would mean he finds some way to get into his body as Kit is on set.

My First Month At Leeds Trinity

So I have been here at Leeds Trinity for about a month now and it is safe to say it has been full of Ups and Downs.

I arrived in Leeds on the 20th of September with a Car full and three suitcases full of clothes and Uni essentials. This was my first scary, yet exciting moment of University. Walking into my Halls, getting to know people my floor and Going to the Welcome party and getting to know other people In my Halls. Freshers Week had started.

The first few days I found really difficult. Moving up from London, feeling homesick, being shy and not feeling myself made it hard for me to settle in and find a group of friends….Until, I came across a fellow Southerner, Becky From Essex. This gave me the boost I needed. Although my homesickness was still around, and i was suffering from Freshers Flu (Yes it is a real thing) I tried my best to socialise and find a group of friends, which I did! Becky, Amber, Josh and Ady. Also known as ‘The Archbishops of Banterbury’  and together we went on to enjoy Freshers Week.

Freshers week came to an end and the first set of lectures started. This was my second scary, yet exciting moment of University. I was scared to find out what my course, Media and Marketing involved and to go through the experience of meeting new people again. Luckily enough I found someone very similar to me, a shy girl called Rachel. I sat down with her and we talked about our course and got to know each other finding out we had similar interests, the fact that we both liked Game of Thrones was a big deal! and together we have got through our first 5 weeks of lectures and have really enjoyed it!

On the 16th October my Mum and Dad came up for the weekend. It was really nice to spend time with them and see them again, it cheered me up since I had been feeling really down and homesick. They were also lucky and got the chance to meet my friends from Uni! I think this reassured my mum that I was doing just fine being up North and away from home.

On the 24th of October my friends from back down south in London Town surprised me with an early birthday visit. My London ‘squad’ (Team Savage) and My Uni ‘squad’ (The Archbishops of Banterbury) got the chance to meet and together we went out to a club called ‘Projekt’ and had an early birthday celebration. Its safe to say it was a good night.

Although I still get the odd moment when I think about University life and ask myself if i am ready for it and when I would much rather be back in London Town at home, Deep down I really do enjoy University Life, my course and I love the group of friends I have made. There is not one thing I would change! I am looking forward to the new challenges I will face and experiencing Northern and University life.